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Your Partner for biological waste air filters and canalization biofilters.

Easier handling and high effizenz

Our new Belflor® products contribute to reducing smell as well as waste water depuration costs.



Belflor® biofilter cartridges

Thanks to micro-organisms housed in our biofilter-material, odorous compounds are removed from waste air in a biological way. Our biofilter cartridge is outstandingly easy to use.

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Belflor® waterstop

Our belflor® Waterstop stops surface water hindering its entering into the canalisation, thus saving costs.

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Belflor® activated carbon filter

Specially suited for waste water containing high quantities of H2S.

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<Belflor® odour blocking device

Pure air thanks to our very efficacious Odour Blocking Device for street manholes.

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Belflor® filters for ventilation pipelines

The perfect solution with active carbon basis for bad smelling ventilation pipelines.

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