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Sie haben die Möglichkeit unsere belflor® Produkte (ausschließlich Geruchsfilter und Wasserstopps) auf Qualität, Wirkung und Verlässlichkeit für sechs Monate „gratis“ zu testen.
Für Fragen und Auskünfte steht Ihnen Frau Monique Baumann telefonisch zur Verfügung!

belflor® Water-stop

Do you have too much surface water flowing into the sewage?

Very often, after heavy rain, floods or in case of melting water there may be a stagnation of water or flooding in the canalisation. As a consequence of the bigger water flows, water transportation to the depuration plant as well as to the pumping stations gets more expensive. Our belflor® Waterstop stops surface water hindering its entering into the canalisation, thus saving costs.


belflor® Type WS 103

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belflor® Type WS 103 HW

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  • Easy handling and very simple assembly without tools
  • Low weight 5,5 kg
  • Installation length 560 mm
  • Easy maintenance
  • Guaranteed air exchange
  • Automatic locking
  • Automatic opening
  • Water discharge after heavy rain
  • Sealing included for an excellent tightness on the border
  • 10 years warranty upon plastic parts made of PE-HD (corrosion safe material - UV-resistant).
  • PE-Dust and sand sieve included
  • Suitable also for other sizes according to DIN 4034
  • Suitable also for other sizes according to DIN 4034
  • With a special device also suitable for Viatop,- ACO,-Hydrotech- and Begu-covers

Technical data

  • Material: PE - HD (corrosion safe material)
  • Weight: 6,80 kg
  • Installation depth:: 560 mm
  • Sealing: up to 1,50 m flood

Specially suitable for flooding areas with floods up to 1,50 m

With air exchange and for sewer manholes according to DIN 4034 DN (600-630 mm). Sealing included for an excellent tightness on the border.

PE-Dust-and-sand-sieve included. Assembly without tools. 10 years warranty upon plastic parts. The same system as per our WS 103, but with a stronger construction!

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