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Sie haben die Möglichkeit unsere belflor® Produkte (ausschließlich Geruchsfilter und Wasserstopps) auf Qualität, Wirkung und Verlässlichkeit für sechs Monate „gratis“ zu testen.
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belflor® Activated Carbon Filter AFIP 370

Specially suited for waste water containing high quantities of H2S

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Similar models available also for small waste-water plants.
(patent pending)

The problem is well known to everyone: when passing near sewage manholes unpleasant odours can often be smelled. These smells are not only unpleasant but they can even jeopardize people's health in case they contain the highly poisoning hydrogen sulphide.

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Such smells and gases may arise in the canalisations when there is a stagnation of waste substances and no fresh water is added. Rotting processes inside canalisations can also contribute to odour building as well as to the production of hydrogen sulphide in case of anaerobic conditions. Our canalisation filters are able to solve this problem. A particularly efficacious canalisation filter is the Activated Carbon Filter belflor® AFIP 370 produced by Störk. The installation of this filter of about 5 kilos and a length of 420 millimetres is really easy and does not require the use of any kind of tool. The filling material, able of degrading bad smells, is constituted by special activated carbons with a very high specific surface, thus giving the activated carbon filter a great efficacy as well as a protection function. Also the substitution of the activated carbon filter is very easy.

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Actually such a substitution takes place very seldom, as the carbon duration is usually about three years. This sewage manhole filter has just a low air flow loss. The activated carbon filter is endowed with a sealing for an excellent and precise tightness on the border and it is made of high dense polyethylene. This plastic material, also used to insulate landfill sites, is inert and resistant against chemical attack. For this reason the activated carbon filter is also resistant to ultra violet light for long time and does not tend to corrosion even in presence of corrosive substances. This material is guaranteed for ten years. Inside the canalisation filter we have integrated a very practical dust and sand sieve. With a special device we can make our activated carbon filter also suitable for Viatop,- Hydrotech-and Begu-covers. The activated carbon filter is also suitable for any sewer manhole according to DIN 4043.


  • Easy handling and very simple assembly without tools
  • Low weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimum air flow loss
  • Sealing included for an excellent tightness on the border
  • 10 years warranty upon plastic parts made of PE-HD (corrosion safe material - UV-resistant) Dust and sand deposit in PE included
  • for any kind of sewer manhole according to DIN 4034 (Ø about 610-630 mm)
  • Suitable also for other sizes according to DIN 4034
  • With a special device also suitable for Viatop,- ACO,-Hydrotech- and Begu-covers

Technical Data

  • Filling material made of very efficacious activated carbons
  • Long lasting media for about 3 years
  • Easy change-out of activated carbons
  • Weight: ca. 5 kg
  • Installation depth: 420 mm
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