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History / co-operators

Faithful co-operators

The goal we are aiming at is that of delivering better and better products.

This is made possible thanks to technical progress, to the development of new products, to the technical courses our personnel attends, but also to the fact that many of our co-operators have been working with us for many years.

Our best thanks to the following faithful co-operators:

30 years

  • Albert Mayer (Lorry driver)
  • Irmtraud Oehlke (Accountant)

15 years

  • Robert Scheerer (Lorry driver)
  • Torsten Diehl (Buyer)
  • Markus Nestel (Lorry driver)

10 years

  • Klemens Tobey (LKW Disposition)
  • Irene Ramsperger (Sale canalisation line)
  • Ulrich Lütke-Wöstmann (Project direction biofilters)
  • Memet Cinar (Operator)
  • Sücrü Cetinkaya (Operator)
  • Andreas Störk (Manager SHL and Störk Umwelttechnik)

History 1949 up to now


Mr. Jakob Störk-Küfers founded in this year the Störk company starting the business with transportation of goods and then adding wood commerce. Its seat was in in the Lindenstrasse, number 13.


His older son, Paul Störk takes over the company moving the seat to the Lindenstrasse, number 30 and changing also the company's name into Paul Störk-Küfers. To the wood commerce he adds also that of cattle feeding materials and later on the one of biofilter materials. In 1975 offices move to the new seat in the Lindenstrasse, number 23.

Hans Störk starts working in the family company on January 1st 1977 and immediately develops the belflor®-mark. In the same period an accounting secretary and a organisation assistant are hired and still work there.


This year saw the beginning of the construction of street-manhole-biofilters. In the same period the company opened a mixing facility for the mixing of humus and soils by the railway station of Tuttlingen. This central location became ideal also for the production of the small biofilters and for their delivery, as well as for the delivery of substrates for the roof-gardens.


The company moved to the new seat in the Lindenstr. 21 which housed five offices in the first floor and a stock on the ground floor for stocking cattle feeding and sand blasting materials. More co-operators were hired and most of them still work in the company.


Hans Störk took over the company and changed the name into Störk-Küfers Inhaber Hans Störk.

The activity fields grew as quickly as the number of co-operators. Besides biofilter-materials the company started also designing and filling biofilter plants. The commerce with cattle feeding and sand blasting materials first diminished and then terminated and the stock of the Lindenstrasse began to be used for the production of the PE-filters.

im September 2000

a further step was completed with the birth of the SHL Logistik GmbH. SHL owns 6 trucks with walking floor and deals with transportation and logistics. SHL also deals with commerce of substrates as peat and bark mulch for roof-gardens and it is the most important supplier of humus and soil mixing facilities in Switzerland.


Andreas, Hans Störk's son enters the company.

In the same year the Company had to move from Tuttlingen into the industrial area of Emmingen, as the new Bundesstrasse B311 was going to be built right on the company's site.

Am 01.01.2003

Foundation of Störk Umwelttechnik GmbH, the main company. This company deals with the design, production and delivery of biofilters. The company owns three special trucks endowed with crane as well as several devices and machines which make it possible for Störk to fill biofilters in almost every condition.

Since then Störk-Küfers only deals with filtration devices for street manholes and small filters.


Nachdem die Anlagen immer Größer und der Platz immer weniger wurde, schaute man sich nach einem größeren Gebäude um. Dies fand man neben dem neuen Erdenwerk in der Friedrich-Wöhler-Str. Also zog man 2007 ins Gewerbegebiet von Emmingen.


Seeing that plants were getting bigger and bigger and the room smaller and smaller the company felt the need of looking for a larger place where to move. This place was found near the new mixing-facility in the Friedrich-Wöhler-Street, in the industrial area of Emmingen, to which the company moved during 2007. 2008

In the meantime the Störk Group has a total of 36 co-operators working full- or part-time.

Furthermore there is a commercial office in Münster with 5 people, assembly teams in Essen and in Gudensberg, as well as autonomous commercial offices in Holland, France, Spain, Austria, Rumania and in Switzerland.

Even from a technical point of view Störk carried out several innovations designing and creating some products, which are protected by patents all over Europe.

Among these:

  • Several biofilters
  • Devices for gas-filtering
  • Devices for waste-air depuration
  • Noise-damming filters
  • and so on.

Biofilter plants by Störk were built all over the world.

(Arab Emirates, Dubai, Tunisia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Iran, Malaysia, China, Sweden, Finland, Martinique, Poland, Rumania, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland....)

Also the year 2009 will witness a further growth. And if we think that almost all co-operators have been working at Störk Group's for many years, and some of them for longer than 25 years we can easily say that Störk means also reliability.


After further training courses and investments the company Störk Umwelttechnik GmbH became a TÜV certified specialist according to § 19 WHG (Water Management Act).

(Production, treatment and use of plants with water polluting liquids).

New co-operators were hired in the scrubber and plant construction sectors.

Components as well as complete plants in plastic with metal armorings are constructed in Emmingen. Here are also built single parts, prototypes or small series with different and several connections.

Also in the pipeline-construction new skilled co-operators were hired.